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We're a small-scale artisan bakery focusing on traditional-method sourdough bread, as well as culturally- and historically-significant baked goods and pastries. We believe in a hands-on approach to bread making, and most of our breads are handcrafted from start to finish, including hand-mixed. We adhere to a non-competitive business model that looks toward building alliances and mutually-beneficial cross-promotional opportunities with other businesses, including with our local growers, millers and craft food producers.

We're also the founding members of the Ontario Bread Bakers Guild, a member-driven, not-for-profit association that represents, advocates for, and supports small-scale bakers and bakeries in Ontario who produce artisanal bread using ingredients and more traditional methods of production that serve to retain the nutritional qualities of bread and also support our local food economies and our agricultural diversity.

Our Breads

Our breads are made with organic or natural flours from La Meunerie Milanaise and Arva Flour Mill. Every day we carry three standard varieties (County, Seeded, and Multigrain) plus a number of specialty varieties. Find their descriptions below.

A light and airy classic sourdough loaf featuring fragrant natural bread flour from Arva, Ontario and a hint of rye. Ingredients: Water, Arva hard white flour**, rye flour*, salt.

A seedy spin off our traditional County loaf, studded with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and flax seeds. Ingredients: Water, Arva hard white flour**, stone-milled all-purpose flour, stone-milled rye flour*, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, salt.

A wholesome sandwich loaf, soft on the inside with a nice burnished crust. Ingredients: Water, Arva whole wheat flour**, stone-milled all-purpose flour*, Cedarwood honey, cracked wheat, cracked rye, salt, flax seeds, oat bran.

Inspired by our friends over at the Fergus General Store, our Southern Grit loaf is made with South Carolina grits, millet, and corn flour. A great alternative to your white sandwich loaf, and a perfect pairing with chili or pulled pork.

A hearty loaf that makes perfect toast. Made using local honey from Cedarwood Honey and walnuts from Jewels Under Your Kilt. Ingredients: Water, Arva hard white flour**, stone-milled all-purpose flour*, oat flour, whole wheat flour**, Cedarwood honey, oats*, wheat bran*, walnuts, salt.

An aromatic loaf that's perfect for the dinner table or to bring to a dinner party. Ingredients: Water, Arva hard white flour**, stone-milled all-purpose flour*, spelt flour*, old cheddar, chives, salt.

A throwback to our childhoods, this loaf is great for snacking or for breakfast with a bit of butter and cinnamon. Ingredients: Water, Arva hard white flour**, stone-milled all-purpose flour*, whole wheat flour**, raisins, oats, salt.

A naturally sweet and nutty-flavoured loaf featuring Ontario heritage Red Fife flour.

The perfect loaf for the olive lover, this bread is full of Kalamata olives with the slightest hint of preserved lemon. We use a bit of durum semolina in the dough to give it a creamy crumb.

A hearty bread that eats like a meal. Perfect for Sunday brunch with fried eggs and bacon. Ingredients: Arva hard white flour**, water, stone-milled all-purpose flour*, potatoes, potato flour, salt, herbs.

We use the spent grains from F&M Stonehammer Brewery's beer brewing process to create a slightly sweet and fragrant beer bread. Ingredients: Arva hard white flour**, water, stone-milled all-purpose flour, spent grain, barley flour, honey, molasses, salt.


A classic light rye with a hint of caraway and coriander spices. Ingredients: Water, Arva hard white flour**, rye flour*, spelt flour*, salt, caraway, coriander.

Bread Schedule


County, Flax & Farro, Oatmeal Raisin, Seeded, Whole Wheat Multigrain


County, Potato Rosemary, Southern Grit, Spiced Rye, Whole Wheat Multigrain


County, Hearty Walnut, Oatmeal Raisin, Olive & Preserved Lemon, Seeded, Whole Wheat Multigrain


Baguette, Cheese Bread (changes weekly) County, Hearty Walnut, Red Fife, Seeded, Whole Wheat Multigrain


Baguette, County, Southern Grit, Spent Grain, Whole Wheat Multigrain

Caring for your bread
Our bread is made using traditional fermentation techniques and all-natural ingredients. It does not contain any additives or preservatives. Over time the texture and flavour of your loaf will change. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your sourdough loaf.

Over time, the crust on your sourdough loaf will continue to harden. If you like your loaf crusty, keep the cut side of your loaf down on your countertop or cutting board. The loaf will have a shelf life of 3-4 days. Toast it before eating if it gets too crusty.

If you like your crust on the softer side, put your sourdough loaf in a plastic bag. The crust should remain softer with a shelf life of 4-5 days. Toast before eating if you want a crispier, less chewy crust.

If you don’t think you’ll be able to eat your loaf within 2-3 days of purchase, you can freeze it and save it for later. For best results, freeze your loaf in a well-sealed freezer bag for up to one month.

To thaw, remove the loaf from the freezer bag and let thaw completely on the counter. Pre-heat your oven to 400°F. Toast the loaf for 8-10 minutes, or until crisp. Let cool before slicing.

Where to find us

Visit us at 73 Metcalfe Street in Elora, or find us at the following locations:
Erin Farmers' Market, Erin Fairgrounds, Friday 3pm-7pm
Elora Farmers' Market, Bissell Park, 9am-1pm
In Guelph through Sustainable360.ca
In Drayton through Conestogo River Local Food Co-op
In Fergus at the Fergus General Store, 227 St. Andrews Street, W.


Wednesday - Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am until sold out
Sunday 11am - 3pm

Get in touch

For general inquiries or wholesale orders: hello@elorabread.ca
For information regarding the Ontario Bread Bakers Guild: calantha@elorabread.ca
For catering inquiries: sonia@elorabread.ca

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