What is sourdough?

Sourdough, also known as naturally leavened bread, uses a natural bacterial culture as the leavening agent instead of commercially produced dry or fresh yeast. A sourdough culture or levain is a combination of flour and water that must be kept alive through routine feedings of more flour and water. The naturally existing yeast found on the grains of the flour (and to some extent in the air around us) become active when water is added to flour; the yeast excrete carbon gas as a byproduct of consumption, which leavens bread dough.


Sourdough bread is a labour-intensive process due to the extended proofing (rising) time required of the natural levain. Our bread undergoes a 24-hour fermentation process, as opposed to bread made with commercial yeast (which can take as little as three hours). It has been reported that the extended fermentation time helps break down enzymes that are suspected to cause some people digestive discomfort. It also produces a more varied, nuanced and flavourful loaf of bread.

Do you make any gluten-free breads?

No. We focus on developing our expertise specifically on wheat-based sourdough bread. Our sourdough starter is built on organic hard wheat, and therefore all of our loaves contain some white bread flour.


If you’re looking for gluten-free products, please check out our friend Delish Kitch www.delishkitch.ca.

You're always sold out, why don't you make more bread?

Naturally-leavened sourdough bread requires an extensive (24-hour) fermentation time. Due to our small-scale production facility and hands-on approach to bread making, we’re only capable of producing one limited batch of sourdough bread a day.


We encourage you to call the bakery and put a loaf on standing order or on hold if you’re worried we might sell out before you get there.

Where can I buy your bread?

You can find our bread at a number of places in and around the Elora, Guelph and Waterloo Region, such as:


Elora Bread Trading Co. (Elora), Elora Farmers’ Market (Bissell Park), Goodness Me Guelph, Goodness Me Waterloo, J&P Grocery (Kitchener), Vincenzo’s (Waterloo), and Victoria Street Market (Kitchener).


You can experience our bread at:

The Lost & Found Cafe (Elora), The Elora Brewing Co. (Elora), Charcoal Steakhouse (Kitchener), Settlement Coffee Co. (Kitchener and Waterloo), Abe Erb (Kitchener and Waterloo), and Red House (Waterloo).

Where do you get your flour from?

We use natural, local, and organic flours wherever possible. Here are a few of the places we get our flour from:

Oak Manor Farms (Tavistock, ON)

Arva Flour Mill (Arva, ON)

1847 Flours (Fergus, ON)

K2 Milling (Beeton, ON)

Are you certified organic?

We are not a certified organic facility, but we strive to use local, natural, and organic ingredients wherever possible. Almost all of our flours are organic or natural no-spray.

Are any of your breads vegan-friendly?

Most of our breads are vegan-friendly. Unless specified, we do not typically use animal products in our bread. Some of our breads do contain honey, however. Please check with the bakery regarding which breads contain honey.

Is there yeast in your bread?

Our bread is leavened using a naturally occurring yeast bacterial culture or wild yeast. We do not put any commercial dry or fresh yeast in our doughs.

Has your bread come in contact with nuts or dairy?

The majority of our breads do not contain nuts or dairy, however our ingredients do not come from nut-free or dairy-free facilities, and therefore they may have come in contact with nuts and/or dairy. Our bakery is also not a nut-free or dairy-free facility.

I'm gluten-intolerant, can I eat your bread?

Anecdotally, many of our gluten-intolerant customers have reported that they do not experience symptoms when they eat our bread. There is growing evidence to suggest that the lengthened fermentation time required of sourdough bread helps to break down enzymes which cause gluten-sensitive people discomfort. However, we cannot guarantee this experience.

What time do you start baking?

Due to the small size of our production facility and the nature of sourdough bread, we are lucky in that we do not bake throughout the entire night. Most shifts start around 4am or 5am, except on Saturday when we start baking around 2-2:30am.